Welcome to the Lands of Legacy!

The Lands of Legacy reference the world of Urth and the greater universe around the small planet floating through the multiverse. The lands of Urth and it’s people are storied in myth and history. However what matters most is the events of today and the adventures that produce new and exciting tales of heroes and villains.

The history of these lands is based off of the once long running chat based roleplaying game of Urth’s Legacy. A game where players from across the globe came together to create a living and breathing fictional universe where the story was woven together with the collective collaboration of all those involved.

After nearly 12 years of continuous gaming, the chat based game of Urth’s Legacy suffered a fatal blow as the host of the game closed it’s servers and unceremoniously ended the game for everyone. This re imagining of the game, while on a much smaller tabletop scale with only a few players, is no less epic.

Thus we continue our adventures in Urth and beyond with a new set of heroes. This shall be the home of our future campaigns in this rich universe.

As the tabletop adventure begins, plans are to simultaneously run an online campaign in the same universe. Actions between both campaigns will intersect with one another from time to time as well (or at least that’s the plan). If I end up with enough players, we’ll probably ad a Play by Post element to the Message Boards as well.

To the former ULRPG players who come across the game, let me know if you are interested in playing in the online version of the game and I’ll send you a player invitation. From there you can create a character to play in our game. Depending on the situation, In some situations I may be willing to allow a rebuild of your old ULRPG character if we can make it interesting in the continued story of the game.

A big note for the UL Players looking to join: We are not using ULRPG rules, as rebuilding them from the ground up is more work than I have time to put on my plate right now. This may change down the road though. Instead, we’ll be using the Pathfinder RPG rules located HERE. and for a user interface we’ll be using the system HERE.

Welcome to Urth, create your own legacy.

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The Lands of Legacy

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