The Lands of Legacy

“The Rats are out of the Bag” (by Paul)

After leaving the were-lair of Roban, the group was plopped down in to a field of tall grass unconscious, so tall in fact, that Dusk was but a weed in the grassy sea; but not even the larger of the group could see over the grass. Edwin who refused to enter the lair of the were-god was seemingly eaten alive. However, after he was “killed” his body and consciousness were transported to into the same tall grass as the rest of the group; but surrounded by blood. While Dusk proceeded to wake up the group still unconscious Nicholas spoke to Edwin about the circumstances of his arrival and what “exactly was going on”. After Edwin’s discussion with Nicholas he wisely turned into a tree. Seeing a tree come out of no-where puzzled the group and Unas decided to hit this tree with no effect. After some argument about the tree, and not leaving Edwin again the group decided to leave Edwin again and head toward the Black Keep, as it is known in district three.

While headed toward the keep Nicholas lack of stealth the party was almost noticed however, the God as agreed caused a distraction allowing the party to get to a large pig pen; not ordinary pigs but large wild Boar the size of a large, large bear. While sneaking around this large pen looking for a way in at a far corner Unas decides to jump onto the fence and attempt to cut the razor wire at the top. While Unas tries, without success to cut the wire Dusk is feeding the pigs to distract them with great success; while feeding one pig pushes into another with great force goring it. After Unas’ incessant fumbling Osric kindly tell Unas he would be able to cut the wire more effectively to this Unas scoffs and said “I got this”; but after a few more fumbled attempts Unas gives the cutters and rope to Osric who succeeds. Unas then jumps onto the top to secure a rope. While Unas does this the rest of the party is still seemingly debating on what to do; going through shoots, sneaking around, attacking the pigs, or some other have baked plan. The Group then decides on sneaking around after Unas has jumped into the pin where he gets gores, then jumps back out. As the group travels along the side toward a building the notice it is much more than just a keep.

The building revels that this “Black Keep” is actually a large slaughter house. The group devises a way to enter the keep relatively quietly. After sneaking in through a dilapidated roof the party again begins to argue the best course of action to take. Osric and Unas agree on a plan, however, the rest of the group does not agree with it so Nicholas begins to smash the pigs feeding tube, which leads to the other side of the keep; while Edwin begins to look visibly frustrated, pondering why he is traveling with such a group. Nicholas’ racket alerts the guard’s and Edwin goes to open the main door to the Keep and precedes to purple fireball the asses of two guards. After Edwin opened the door the party attempts to make their way past the perilous and fowl slaughterhouse floor; covered in entrails, blood, and pig shit. The floor was so slippery the party could only move at half speed or slip; which Nicholas and Unas did vicariously. What made this slippery floor so perilous is the fence to the left made to kill, poke, and prod animals as they made their way to the slaughter. The party was ill met by the inhabitants of the slaughter house and put up a noble fight as the party made its way through the first part of the keep. However, as the fight was going well and the enemies put into a place of routing Edwin and Dusk became entangled into a destructive trap. This trap seizes a person or gnome by their legs flayed them apart and then began to cut them up with blades. This trapped spelled certain doom, so in their time of need Edwin pulled out a rat’s heart we were given by the “Rat Lady” and promptly ate them. Dusk’s mind being strong willed as that of gnome women was able to withstand the primal urges of the rat mentality taking over her soul. Edwin, however, intellectual but not a stubborn gave into the rat essence and became, what is essentially a rat. While they ate the hearts a strange figure jumped out of the dungeon and also became trapped in the desolating trap. Nicholas seeing this newly freed man was at his doom ran toward what he perceived was the lever to shut off the device.

The group continued to fight the enemies at hand while dusk not wanting to lose her Wizard traveling companion wiggled her attractive rat tail to Edwin. Edwin not being able to control himself, as he is a rat, ran off after Dusk and proceeded to mount her Squeaking most likely “Let’s get it on”. The grapple went back and forth Edwin having a slight edge until finally Edwin got to taste sweet rate love; but only for a moment before Dusk fought him off once more.

During the rat love making, Nicholas was able to turn off the trap and save the man that we do not know yet, but he seems to be some sort of fighter. The group was successful in killing the bad guys and after the main fight was over Unas went over to the two Rats to break up the love making and put both the rats into his back pack. Edwin tried to escape so Unas took Dusk out and then hit Edwin breaking his rib and then stuffed him into a box. Dusk still able to retain all her abilities went to heal the prisoner and now the party will only be able to decide what happens next……


ChaosShifter ChaosShifter

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