The Lands of Legacy

NUDE-O 05 - Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah

After saving Osric from the death squad, the group find a suitable place for Osric to interrogate the prisoner they captured. Edwin remembers a lovely old woman he visited a few times years back and guides the group to where she lived, thinking she would have died in his absence. Surprisingly, she was still alive and welcomed the group in after Edwin visited her initially. The apartment smelled of a delicious smelling stew type meal cooking, which was a bit odd since the rest of the place was a complete mess. Osric, Nicolas, and Unas take the prisoner into the back room for some privacy. The smell of the stew is incredibly intense as that’s where it is cooking. Hundreds of rats are ripping flesh and meat off of carcases and dropping it in the pot. However, Osric sees something else entirely. He sees a beautiful banquet fit for a king with waiters ready to serve. Captivity having taken its tole on him, he starts for the food immediately. The other two, confused, immediately try to stop him. Thankfully the prisoner is still unconscious and hogtied. After much scuffling, Edwin comes in to see what’s wrong while Dusk remains out with the old woman to entertain her. Edwin comes in and also sees the lavishly arranged banquet and picks up something to eat, but comes to his senses as the rot is in his hands. Quickly Edwin casts purify food in case the other two can’t contain Osric before he comes to. Eventually Osric sees the kitchen for what it is, shudders at his previous thoughts, and goes back to their captive.

Edwin revives the captive and leaves with Unas while Nicolas and Osric stay behind. Osric learns that his brother, also having been taken prisoner, is a few days ahead of him and heading toward the custody of [ some lady that I forgot to write the name of ].. Osric dispatches of the captive, and the group leaves back for the inn to meet Pericles the next day. Discussing the information Osric learned later, Edwin surmises that the gnome the others are looking for may be in a similar situation as Osric was about to be in.

The next morning the group meets with Pericles, deciding to leave Shard to fend for himself until the return trip, and heads toward Sector 3. They get to the border without incident and are greeted by a “Portling” (portly halfling) demanding payment of some sort to pass. Dusk suggests some time with her as in payment, but was informed that it would only cover her and not the rest of the party. After much back and forth, the party agrees to take on a job as payment – to hunt down “Robon” who leads a newish gang called “Monsters of Robon”.. He apparently has control of large beasts that have been terrorizing and killing travelers and guards on the road. With that settled, the party are led through the gate, through a series of convoluted structures and tunnels all designed for killing people who might try to pass without paying the toll. The party is given some tokens to identify that they have the gang’s passage and are warned that they will be hunted and killed if they don’t succeed with their agreed payment within a fortnight.

The party continues their trip down the road, walking now, to try to meet up with Osric’s brother and [ some lady’s gang ], hoping to take care of two birds with one stone. As they are walking, they are met by 3 humanoids from another gang. Again, payment is demanded. Nicolas, having little patience for this continual demand for recompense, draws his blade. Not liking this situation at all, Edwin casts darkness on a pebble and tosses it into the fray, causing confusion amongst the enemies. The party emerges victorious and find some nice items among the loot – as well as some dead gigantic beasts in the back of the wagon the three had been carting. The party surmises the beasts were Robon’s.


ChaosShifter JoshuaBoyd

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