The Lands of Legacy

NUDE-O 04 - Face painting for all ages

The curtains rise on our stalwart band again …. wait a minute. Something’s wrong here – they’re all moving and gesturing backward! Oooooh right – it’s the fateful redux. cough

Back at the inn, discussing the days events after being rescued by the district 9 crew, the party were relaxing over some slop and drink, discussing what next. Dusk and Edwin make small chat about where he’s been and what he’s been doing. Dusk is interested to learn that Edwin has been most places in Elusia. She inquires if he’s ever met a gnome named Fritz in District 2 or 3. He regretfully informs Dusk that he has not, but asks why; since Unas has already shared enough for Edwin to figure out that he’s from the upper plate, she carefully divulges that this gnome may be able to help them find a way for them to get their friend back to the top layer. Edwin is very intrigued by this and continues asking questions. Dusk, not quite liking the directness of the questions, tries to answer them in ways that won’t give away too much of their purpose, simply sharing only a little about the plan of making finding or building a train and using an ancient train rail to get above. Edwin inquires if there’s room for him in their travelling party, but before Dusk can share this with Unas and Nicolas, a group of 4 ruffians enter the inn.

Immediately, Unas is set aback as he sees them – they all have various ragged garments on that very much resemble what Unas is wearing. One is grabbing his side, clearly wounded, as another fiddles about with a shaped hunk of metal. Unas heads over to them, asking where they found their clothes. Edwin asks if the injured man needs help. The leader of the group declines Edwin’s offer and eyes up Unas, noticing that he’s wearing the same style. He muses loudly which corpse he got them off of. Unas, fighting back his rage, comes back to the table, hands clenched. The group sit down and start harassing a bar wench which Dusk and Nicolas ask Unas about them. The bartender scowls at the loud obnoxious group. Dusk inquires about the metallic device and Unas explains that it’s a type of weapon from above. Based on what the party sees, Dusk suggests that it would not be good for the ruffians to keep it. It would be very bad if they ever figured out the proper way to use it.

A loud bang is heard and a glass on the counter explodes. Someone screams and Unas jumps up, charging the group. The other members of the party spring to action as well, including the bartender who grabs a large axe. Unas tackles the one with the device, it clattering to the ground. In the scuffle, Dusk sneaks over and quietly pockets the weapon. Gloriously it ends with the bartender chopping the legs off the portly leader of the thugs. His henchmen drag him out of the inn as he screams and curses. Blood is everywhere and many people leave – clearly this wasn’t one of the best nights for the bartender. He demands Unas and Nicolas help clean up the blood, as they were the two most visible participants in the battle.

After things quiet down, Unas requests Dusk and Nicolas to meet him in his room later. The party agrees that everyone will meet (including Edwin) tomorrow morning to meet Pericles and head out. With that, the bedtime routines start and the two meet with Unas in his room. Unas starts by saying that, in an attempt to take Dusk’s words of not being so trusting of everyone to heart, he wanted to tell us privately about some stuff he was starting to remember about how he got to be down here. He remembered that he was a member of a group of inquisitors sent to investigate rumors of a massive monster army that was being bred. Unfortunately, the rumors were true and his group was spotted and decimated by the army. He said that he was the only one who lived and vaguely remembers being thrown off the upper plate and that’s how he ended up down here. He doesn’t remember much else other than the purpose of the army was to destroy all inhabitants of the lower level. With not much else to be done, the members head to their respective rooms to try to sleep the disturbing news away.

Early the next morning Nicolas is contacted by Dooder McGee (henceforth known as Shard, but we all know his real name is Dooder McGee). Shard was apparently pooped out by the large dog and was able to see around a little bit before the dog ate him for a 2nd time. He let Nicolas know that Sargon was working on gathering a band of loyal troops again – that he was doing SOMETHING to them. Nicolas meets the others below with this news as Pericles arrives. The group is hesitant to go after Sargon a 2nd time, especially to rescue Shard, and start to go with Pericles. Nicolas finally convinces the group to go after Shard tells him that he’s by a place that sells fresh Cat Stir-fry (so THAT’s where Whiskers went! sob), which, according to Pericles, is not common. There is such a store about a mile away. The party apologize to Pericles and ask if he can meet them instead tomorrow to start the journey instead of today. Edwin gives him some money to pay for his hired hands time.

As the party is getting ready to go and Pericles gets his cart turned around (quite a difficult task with the width of the road), the party notices another cart further down with some disturbing members. Edwin identifies them as members of the “Death squad” from the heavy black and white face painting they had resembling a skull. A little boy was playing around with their cart and accidentally pulled some of the tarps covering it off – one of the two evil men shot the boy with a hand crossbow and shouts erupted among the milling civilians. The party charged off to teach them a lesson and help the boy when they noticed also that the cargo they were carrying happened to be a man. Edwin was lobbing purple flame balls from afar while Nicolas waded in, swinging his sword. Unas jumped up onto the wagon and learned from the man that his hammer was in a box near the front of the cart. Unas tore the box asunder with his bare hands and tossed the hammer to the new found ally, who quickly broke free of his cage. During the scuffle, Dusk snuck up and deftly slipped her long sword into one of the villains calves, severing some tendons.

After taking stock, Dusk and Edwin talked briefly with the new person – Osric. He is a blacksmith and doesn’t know why they had taken him, but is grateful for his freedom.


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