There are 10 “districts” within Elusia-Blu, comprised of upper and lower sections. These sections are not generally connected however, and for the sake of categorization they are listed as the lower district number, followed by the upper district’s name and commerce responsibility. The lower districts were once the expansive cities of the original 10 cities in the small country of Elusia. When Elusia was united by Lasco Goldweaver the cities names were stripped and each zone was given a district number. When the upper plates were created and the lower districts walled off and separated from the rest of Elusia-Blu the new upper plates were given fantastic names to represent their economic impact of Elusia-Blu, while the lower districts were mostly forgotten or ignored.

Elusia-Blu Core

       The center of Elusia-Blu is a built upon a massive platform that sits half a mile up from the ground. When project managers began construction of the platform using combinations of magic and technology to raise the structure, they did so to make a statement. Shortly after Lasco Goldweaver united the 10 cities of Elusia under one united front he decided that construction of a capital district would be necessary. The physical footprint of the Core District is massive, around 5 square miles rounded in a perfect circle with massive towers stretching into the sky at it’s center, surrounded by smaller but still impressive towers spreading from the center to the edges of the large plate. When built it stood above all else in Elusia and could be seen from anywhere in the city limits.

When the upper districts were built, they were built surrounding the Core in a large ring, sitting upon the same level as the core district and casting permanent shadows on the lower districts below them. Afterward all access from the lower districts to the Core were destroyed.

The core district acts as supreme center of commerce and government for all of Elusia. Those who reside in the core district are powerful rulers of the outer districts, politicians and city planners. The district also sees a fair amount of traffic from those who travel from the upper districts to work or vacation in the crown jewel of Elusia. Notably, the core district is the only district without a Blu Reactor built within it.

District 1 (lower) – Aloca: Center for Agriculture Products and Services

       Once a sprawling landscape of tilled lands and overgrown foods, the lower district of District 1 is now a town up wasteland. While this district has always been one of the most important of all the districts in Elusia, it has also been one of the least populated. When the city had expanded into a single megacity this area was zoned for the food production of the entire city, and it worked well. As the populations boomed however, refugees swarmed over the farmlands and destroyed the majority of the farmlands. Inability to stop scavengers proved fatal to the district and even before the first Blu Reactor was started, this place had become a ruin.

The second Blu Reactor in Elusia was built in District 1. This was done because the area was remote and the ability to use the land for anything needed wouldn’t interfere with residents or commerce. The first order of business was improving food and water quality, then all sorts of industry passed through District 1 until the other reactors were put online. During this time though, very few moved back to the area. Laws were passed forbidding the development of the ruined district, with grander plans in place.

When the upper district of district 1 was built, the plate itself was originally built with sprawling elevators going to the ground that hauled up soil in order to use for farmlands. Later these were replaced with magical lifts that created a constant tilling of the soil on the lower district, moving the soil from the bottom to the upper district where it would then be used for planting. Due to this, the bottom district is constantly churning with magical power, turning it into a giant bowl of near-quicksand and mud. From the upper district compost drops allow farmers to drop organic waste down to the lower district for recycle. A massive wall separates the lower portions of Districts 1 and 2 from the other lower districts these days, only allowing access from the magical lifts of the upper districts.

While District 1 is still very scarcely populated, even in the upper plate, it is among the most beautiful of all the districts. Many of the wealthy in the upper districts retire to District 1 for the peacefulnuss and slower pace of life.

District 2 (lower) – The Great Plains: Animal Products

       Similarly wide open to District 1 is District 2. This area is full of rolling grasslands, with magically enhanced grasses that grow at immense paces. Another farming community, this district specializes in the raising of animals for consumption, domestication and burden. The lower district features a natural lake and with the help of the Blu Reactor it features an overabundance of fresh and saltwater species adapted to thrive in the massive waterway. Artificial magical illumination sits above the massive lake and sponsored companies bid on sections of the water and fishing quotas. The rest of the lower district is used as area to grow items that do best in dark, moist environments. Dilectable mushrooms and underground rooting plants thrive.

On the upper plate of District 2 it appears much like District 1, with magical platforms to raise goods from the lower district and a sprawling landscape full of large farmlands. Roaming these farmlands are massive magically enlarged pigs, goats, cattle and other creatures, tended by farmers who sell their beasts to the highest bidder. Although less numerous, there are smaller areas where one can purchase pets or beasts of burden as well.

Similarly to District 1, the lower district was damaged immensely during the times before Blu energy. However today both the upper and lower district thrive. A massive wall separates both District 1 and 2 from the other lower districts however, and the only people allowed are farmers or employees of companies that old interest in the two districts.

District 3 (lower) – Bounty: Food Manufacturing, Beverage, Distribution Management.

       Clockwise from District 2 is the food processing center of Elusia-Blu. The upper plate of District 3 is a massive series of production plants. These production centers are magically enhanced and powered by the Blu-Reactor in the district. This allows the food services to enhance, preserve and allow expedited shipping of the food products throughout the upper districts of Elusia-Blu.

The citizens of District 3’s upper plate are many, one of the larger centers of population in the entire upper city. The portion of the city closest to the Core District is filled with alcohol manufacturers and it is a common practice for the upper district citizens to take holidays through District 3 on large wine or beer tasting tours.

The lower section of District 3 is a dangerous and cut throat place. Where once this area comprised of food processing companies and large warehouses, it is now a shell of it’s former self. With gangs constantly warring over turf and everyone else just trying to get out of the way. This is primarily due to the availability of food, which is a hard resource to come by among the lower districts. The food-waste, trimmings and “not suitable” food products from the upper plate are carelessly tossed to the depths of the lower district. The gangs that control this lower district fight over the scraps like dogs over a bone. Those gangs then distribute the food products for overinflated prices throughout the slums of the other lower districts in Elusia-Blu.

District 4 (lower) – Home: Residential.

       Neighboring district 3 is the residential district of Elusia-Blu. This is where the vast majority of the population within Elusia-Blu live. On the upper plate this area is filled with luxury towers and sprawling daylit parks. Birds chirp and the sound of happy people can be heard coming from small eateries or bars. By far the largest district in the city on both upper and lower portions, this is where most people call home.

Where the upper plate is full of happiness and leisure, the lower district serves as Urth’s largest slum. A place where people are born and starve to death while barely able to be called adults. When the population boom threatened to overwhelm Elusia and the upper plates were constructed the district imploded. Riots broke out, large portions of the district burned and so it continued for decades. Gangs took what wasn’t nailed down and order was hard to come by.

Eventually order did come though, and the district was eventually organized into a city within a city. While still lacking resources while the city is always in constant need of food, medicine and clean water, a semblance of order does exist, barely. Corruption runs thick in the district as most important resources are hoarded and controlled. District 4 is also one of only two districts that has access to an outer gate that leads into and out of Elusia-Blu. While no one is ever let out of this gate, sometimes new folk make their way into Elusia with the permission of the Imperial Nation guardians who man the entrance.

District 5 (lower) – The Maw: Garbage and Disposal

       The magical Blu Reactor of district 5 serves a very important role in the greater Elusia-Blu city. The Reactor was built with the intention of keeping the air quality clean, the water quality pure and the removal of waste away from prying eyes.

Originally the city was paid by the other ten cities of Elusia to remove their garbage and waste, and the city was built upon a massive landfill. As the cities merged into Elusia-Blu this trend continued, however when the city had a waste production of such massive quantities the odor and illness that perpetuated the area started to bleed over into the residential zones. The Blu Reactor was tasked with destruction of this garbage and was set up to destroy the waste. When the upper plate was made above District 5 the people of Elusia-Blu’s upper plates wanted something to make the garbage disappear.

These days refuse is brought through District 5 to massive drop-points where the waste is piled up high and then dropped to the lower district without heed of who might be below. All hours of day or night this process goes on, the Blu Reactor determining which areas of the lower deck to drop the refuse as to avoid pile ups anywhere in particular. The Blu Reactor then destroys the garbage in multiple ways. Accelerating the decomposition of refuse in the area magically, floating clouds of living acid and rust, or large beasts that roam the garbage materials, feeding off the least disposable items.

What civilization may have existed in this area was buried by trash too long ago for anyone to remember. Now the area serves as a prison door of sorts for District 4, as most people brave enough to try and venture through District 5 rarely return. The processes of destroying the waste don’t seem to descriminate when it comes to destroying things, even if they are living, breathing people.

District 6 (lower) – Wind: Transportation and Logistics

       Elusia-Blu is BIG. Once united under Lasco Goldweaver, the biggest issue became getting things moved around. After the invention of the Blu Reactor, this was solved. The first place to have a Blu Reactor, the original city was a bit of a logistical nightmare. Under Lasco Goldweaver, this all changed.

The first trains were built here in district 6. These stations expanded throughout the districts and allowed for quick transportation of goods and people throughout the ten districts. When the upper plates were being constructed, trains carried materials up to the top for their construction. These have all been shut down now, as the completion of the upper plate moved nearly all facets of this industry above.

On the upper plate the district is full of train stations and air hangars. Airships powered by Blu were invented shortly after the upper plates were completed and are the most popular method of transportation, although trains are still widely used for transportation to and from working locations. The upper plate is a hub of transfer terminals and docking stations for airship and train alike where the people movers are repaired and stored. Those that work or live in the district are surrounded by the bustle and noise of Blu-Engines, coal engines and steam whistles. The chaotic mess of the place runs with a smooth efficiency even while looking like a wasp nest.

The lower district is now nearly abandoned. Like most of the other districts on this half of the city, the area is awash with hideous monstrosities and evil creatures that seek the destruction of all they touch. Old trains and railroads find themselves rusting away as clawed feet and hunting eyes look for mortal flesh to rend. Few venture here, fewer still live here unless corrupted in some fashion.

District 7 (lower) – Gold: Commerce, Trade and Banking

       Once the crown jewel of Elusia, the lower district was the wealthiest of all Elusia. The merchent kings of old used the area to store their wealth and as an area of safe trade between them. When Elusia was combined it was only natural that the wealthy stored their goods and money here. As government was formed, regulated currency and laws concerning loans originated from this district. The wealthiest of the wealthy established banking here and opened their doors to loan money to others, with plenty of interest.

With it’s proximity to district 6 though, this area too was run over with monstrocities. The residents of this district mostly died violent ends after being walled off from the upper plate amid concerns of monsters. A ghost-city now, the only things walking through District 7 are the things of nightmares.

The upper plate of District 7 is a completely different story however. The upper plate continued the tradition of using this area as a currency exchange center. Banking and wealth are prevalent here as well as what is quite possibly the worlds largest open trading center. Massive buildings full of trade goods, products for sale and precious valuables sit next to banks willing to loan the money to any who are willing to pay the Elusia-Blu interest rates.

District 8 (lower) – Limitus: Architectural, Engineering and Technical

       Some of Elusia-Blu’s brightest minds work in the upper plate of district 8. This plate is where city planners go to expand, seeking the city designers to find ways to cram more and more in the limited space of the city. From the massive towers that dot the landscape of, to the indoor plumbing that filters waste to District 5 and even the plans for the first Airship, all were designed in District 8.

While not the most populace of current day Elusia-Blu, it is very important. The design of the upper plates originally came from a architect in District 8 who envisioned the city as a multiple tiered structure that became one massive tower, outgrowing the population of the rest of Urth in spite of the Imperial Nation’s barrier.

Instead the upper plates solved an entirely different problem. With the riots of the residential district and swarms of monsters plaguing other districts the upper plates represented a chance for the city to renew itself. City planners got approval to section off the lower districts and continue to improve the upper plates. This area of the city is immensely busy these days as continued development of upward expansion continues.

The lower district is riddled with remnants of previous inventions. Few live here as monsters occasionally roam from other districts, very little in the way of resources exist in this place as even prior to the upper plates being put in place the area was full of offices, not industry.

District 9 (lower) – The Forge: Building, Construction, Parts and Repair

       Builders, laborers and construction are what District 9 is known for. A place where materials were gathered and forged into weapons, megastructures and forks. This is where nearly everything in Elusia was constructed and where the majority of people in Elusia-Blu work.

The upper plate of District 8 continues this tradition, employing over two thirds of the greater Elusia-Blu registered population. Those workers produce everything from fixtures to ammunition, building materials to toy dolls. If it exists, it’s built in a factory here.

This has always been the case for district 9, and even before the creation of the upper plates the area was a hotbed of activity. As the lower district was walled off, those that could scavanged materials from this district and brought them to their homes in attempt to keep some sort of power over their neighbors. The most important items though, the forges themselves, were unable to be transported. Due to this, this area still boasts a sizable population. Constantly fighting the advancement of evil monsters from nearby districts, this area survives purely on the mettle of it’s citizens. Unlike the residential slums of District 4, where people have kept a meager existance and only had to fear each other, District 9 suffers the opposite fate, fighting tooth and nail for every moment of their lives.

Groups of battle hardened individuals venture through the wastelands of the other lower districts in order to bring back food and resources. Occasionally they travel all the way to District 4 for trade goods, as they have valuable medicines to trade for scarce foodstuffs. Mostly though, it’s a battle to survive.

District 10 (lower) – Wonder: Center of Magic and Health

       Excitement and experimentation flourish in District 10. The upper plate holds massive arcane towers along with tightly controlled magical experiments. A place where the fantastic is every day. Regulation of travel to District 10’s upper plate is strict, as only those powerful magic casters are allowed into the area, or their students in the Elusia-Blu magic academies. Many of the advancement of Elusia happen here, along with the health of it’s people. Half the district is dedicated to health centers that specialize in traditional and magical healing for all registered Elusia-Blu citizens.

The lower district is another thing entirely. Once a place of spellcasters and their assistants, it is now a place of horrific beasts and powerful outcasts. Magic relics and healing potions still litter the insides of towers and buildings within this lower district but few are willing to explore it enough to gather them. The brave souls of District 9 occasionally venture into the district to gain access to powerful magics or healing items to help in their battle against monstrous encroachment.

The second gateway into Elusia is within District 10. If anyone is let into District 10 through this gate however, no one knows. The gateway has not been seen by mortal eyes in hundreds of years as the monstrous infestations grow too massive to penetrate that deep into the district.


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