Core Races

The creatures that inhabit Urth have a vast amount of variety. They build vast kingdoms, establish strongholds in every corner of the world, live, eat and work in the same world together. Most of us know the basics of each race, their build and what they are “good” at and which classes will synergize best and how to make them into fierce adventurers. To some players, this is enough to make the choice and go forward.

There is much more to choosing a race than this however. Take into consideration the cultures of these races. Their general tendancies toward others and the existing stereotypes that hold true throughout regions of the world. There are exceptions to even the most specific of racial predispositions, however the world at large may not make such a distinction, so it would be wise to learn more about the races below as you build your character to make the best choice possible.

Below are the Common civilized races of Urth. In general these races are accepted among most places on Urth, although they also have very specific dispositions and cultures.

Humans | Halflings | Dwarves | Gnomes | Elharcadians | Vorpalis | Wood Elves

Uncommon Races

The common races of Urth inhabit the majority of civilized lands spread over Urth, however they are not the only creatures suitable to be played as characters. Other creatures inhabit the Urth with the core races, and while much less common among the civilized areas of Urth, they are not unheard of. These races below are the most common among the uncommon, those who have stories told of their involvement through history, occasionally seen as adventurers or mercenaries. While most societies view these races with suspicion and sometimes bigotry, they are also seen with a sense of wonder and excitement.

Tigerian | Centaurs | Chaos Elves | Half Elves | Half Orcs | Half Giants | Hunters | Dragonian

Monstrous Races

Although some of these races have civilized culture, they are generally viewed as monsters or evil at large. Although not unheard of, it is very rare for members of these races to break the mold of their society and move toward a “good” cause. Because of this, most places on Urth would sooner flee from, or worse yet, attack members of these races on sight for fear of the evil that they typically bring with them.

In a few cases there are members of these societies that will break the mold and make a name for themselves as forces for good. Aiding other peoples and making a name for themselves in a less diabolical way. When playing these races it is important to have a strong background and motivations for your character to want to continue to stay away from the history of his kin.

Dark Elves | Goblins | Minotaurs | Moor Trolls | Noble Trolls | Orcs | Shantivales | Sprites | Verman | Viperians

Fallen Races

The races listed below are of dying stock. All of these races were creations of their patron deities will. Somehow they survived the fall of their god and the link to their home world, trapped in the mortal lands of Urth. Each of these races is special in that they are generally ageless and have survived since the fall of the gods. It is extremely rare to encounter these creatures and when one does the motivations and goals of these beings often seem strange or alien to the rest of the world. Without the direction of their god’s will, many of the remaining creatures among these races have become set to causes of their own choosing.

Avengers | Necrolians | Shadow Walkers

Transformed Races

These races are VERY uncommon and stem from a race that had transformed in some way or another to become what they are now. In most cases, these transformations come with a price. Most of these races are feared and looked upon with scorn.

Avarians | Doomsayers | Nepharians | Ravishers | Revenants | Lich | Vampires | Werewolves

Races of Myth

These are races barely remembered. Those who graced the Urth with their presence with the most fleeting of touch. These races are said to hold immense power although some are so rare as to possibly not even exist.
Daemons | Dhampires | Fae | Dragons | Shifters


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