The Lands of Legacy

“The Rats are out of the Bag” (by Paul)

After leaving the were-lair of Roban, the group was plopped down in to a field of tall grass unconscious, so tall in fact, that Dusk was but a weed in the grassy sea; but not even the larger of the group could see over the grass. Edwin who refused to enter the lair of the were-god was seemingly eaten alive. However, after he was “killed” his body and consciousness were transported to into the same tall grass as the rest of the group; but surrounded by blood. While Dusk proceeded to wake up the group still unconscious Nicholas spoke to Edwin about the circumstances of his arrival and what “exactly was going on”. After Edwin’s discussion with Nicholas he wisely turned into a tree. Seeing a tree come out of no-where puzzled the group and Unas decided to hit this tree with no effect. After some argument about the tree, and not leaving Edwin again the group decided to leave Edwin again and head toward the Black Keep, as it is known in district three.

While headed toward the keep Nicholas lack of stealth the party was almost noticed however, the God as agreed caused a distraction allowing the party to get to a large pig pen; not ordinary pigs but large wild Boar the size of a large, large bear. While sneaking around this large pen looking for a way in at a far corner Unas decides to jump onto the fence and attempt to cut the razor wire at the top. While Unas tries, without success to cut the wire Dusk is feeding the pigs to distract them with great success; while feeding one pig pushes into another with great force goring it. After Unas’ incessant fumbling Osric kindly tell Unas he would be able to cut the wire more effectively to this Unas scoffs and said “I got this”; but after a few more fumbled attempts Unas gives the cutters and rope to Osric who succeeds. Unas then jumps onto the top to secure a rope. While Unas does this the rest of the party is still seemingly debating on what to do; going through shoots, sneaking around, attacking the pigs, or some other have baked plan. The Group then decides on sneaking around after Unas has jumped into the pin where he gets gores, then jumps back out. As the group travels along the side toward a building the notice it is much more than just a keep.

The building revels that this “Black Keep” is actually a large slaughter house. The group devises a way to enter the keep relatively quietly. After sneaking in through a dilapidated roof the party again begins to argue the best course of action to take. Osric and Unas agree on a plan, however, the rest of the group does not agree with it so Nicholas begins to smash the pigs feeding tube, which leads to the other side of the keep; while Edwin begins to look visibly frustrated, pondering why he is traveling with such a group. Nicholas’ racket alerts the guard’s and Edwin goes to open the main door to the Keep and precedes to purple fireball the asses of two guards. After Edwin opened the door the party attempts to make their way past the perilous and fowl slaughterhouse floor; covered in entrails, blood, and pig shit. The floor was so slippery the party could only move at half speed or slip; which Nicholas and Unas did vicariously. What made this slippery floor so perilous is the fence to the left made to kill, poke, and prod animals as they made their way to the slaughter. The party was ill met by the inhabitants of the slaughter house and put up a noble fight as the party made its way through the first part of the keep. However, as the fight was going well and the enemies put into a place of routing Edwin and Dusk became entangled into a destructive trap. This trap seizes a person or gnome by their legs flayed them apart and then began to cut them up with blades. This trapped spelled certain doom, so in their time of need Edwin pulled out a rat’s heart we were given by the “Rat Lady” and promptly ate them. Dusk’s mind being strong willed as that of gnome women was able to withstand the primal urges of the rat mentality taking over her soul. Edwin, however, intellectual but not a stubborn gave into the rat essence and became, what is essentially a rat. While they ate the hearts a strange figure jumped out of the dungeon and also became trapped in the desolating trap. Nicholas seeing this newly freed man was at his doom ran toward what he perceived was the lever to shut off the device.

The group continued to fight the enemies at hand while dusk not wanting to lose her Wizard traveling companion wiggled her attractive rat tail to Edwin. Edwin not being able to control himself, as he is a rat, ran off after Dusk and proceeded to mount her Squeaking most likely “Let’s get it on”. The grapple went back and forth Edwin having a slight edge until finally Edwin got to taste sweet rate love; but only for a moment before Dusk fought him off once more.

During the rat love making, Nicholas was able to turn off the trap and save the man that we do not know yet, but he seems to be some sort of fighter. The group was successful in killing the bad guys and after the main fight was over Unas went over to the two Rats to break up the love making and put both the rats into his back pack. Edwin tried to escape so Unas took Dusk out and then hit Edwin breaking his rib and then stuffed him into a box. Dusk still able to retain all her abilities went to heal the prisoner and now the party will only be able to decide what happens next……

NUDE-O 05 - Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah

After saving Osric from the death squad, the group find a suitable place for Osric to interrogate the prisoner they captured. Edwin remembers a lovely old woman he visited a few times years back and guides the group to where she lived, thinking she would have died in his absence. Surprisingly, she was still alive and welcomed the group in after Edwin visited her initially. The apartment smelled of a delicious smelling stew type meal cooking, which was a bit odd since the rest of the place was a complete mess. Osric, Nicolas, and Unas take the prisoner into the back room for some privacy. The smell of the stew is incredibly intense as that’s where it is cooking. Hundreds of rats are ripping flesh and meat off of carcases and dropping it in the pot. However, Osric sees something else entirely. He sees a beautiful banquet fit for a king with waiters ready to serve. Captivity having taken its tole on him, he starts for the food immediately. The other two, confused, immediately try to stop him. Thankfully the prisoner is still unconscious and hogtied. After much scuffling, Edwin comes in to see what’s wrong while Dusk remains out with the old woman to entertain her. Edwin comes in and also sees the lavishly arranged banquet and picks up something to eat, but comes to his senses as the rot is in his hands. Quickly Edwin casts purify food in case the other two can’t contain Osric before he comes to. Eventually Osric sees the kitchen for what it is, shudders at his previous thoughts, and goes back to their captive.

Edwin revives the captive and leaves with Unas while Nicolas and Osric stay behind. Osric learns that his brother, also having been taken prisoner, is a few days ahead of him and heading toward the custody of [ some lady that I forgot to write the name of ].. Osric dispatches of the captive, and the group leaves back for the inn to meet Pericles the next day. Discussing the information Osric learned later, Edwin surmises that the gnome the others are looking for may be in a similar situation as Osric was about to be in.

The next morning the group meets with Pericles, deciding to leave Shard to fend for himself until the return trip, and heads toward Sector 3. They get to the border without incident and are greeted by a “Portling” (portly halfling) demanding payment of some sort to pass. Dusk suggests some time with her as in payment, but was informed that it would only cover her and not the rest of the party. After much back and forth, the party agrees to take on a job as payment – to hunt down “Robon” who leads a newish gang called “Monsters of Robon”.. He apparently has control of large beasts that have been terrorizing and killing travelers and guards on the road. With that settled, the party are led through the gate, through a series of convoluted structures and tunnels all designed for killing people who might try to pass without paying the toll. The party is given some tokens to identify that they have the gang’s passage and are warned that they will be hunted and killed if they don’t succeed with their agreed payment within a fortnight.

The party continues their trip down the road, walking now, to try to meet up with Osric’s brother and [ some lady’s gang ], hoping to take care of two birds with one stone. As they are walking, they are met by 3 humanoids from another gang. Again, payment is demanded. Nicolas, having little patience for this continual demand for recompense, draws his blade. Not liking this situation at all, Edwin casts darkness on a pebble and tosses it into the fray, causing confusion amongst the enemies. The party emerges victorious and find some nice items among the loot – as well as some dead gigantic beasts in the back of the wagon the three had been carting. The party surmises the beasts were Robon’s.

NUDE-O 04 - Face painting for all ages

The curtains rise on our stalwart band again …. wait a minute. Something’s wrong here – they’re all moving and gesturing backward! Oooooh right – it’s the fateful redux. cough

Back at the inn, discussing the days events after being rescued by the district 9 crew, the party were relaxing over some slop and drink, discussing what next. Dusk and Edwin make small chat about where he’s been and what he’s been doing. Dusk is interested to learn that Edwin has been most places in Elusia. She inquires if he’s ever met a gnome named Fritz in District 2 or 3. He regretfully informs Dusk that he has not, but asks why; since Unas has already shared enough for Edwin to figure out that he’s from the upper plate, she carefully divulges that this gnome may be able to help them find a way for them to get their friend back to the top layer. Edwin is very intrigued by this and continues asking questions. Dusk, not quite liking the directness of the questions, tries to answer them in ways that won’t give away too much of their purpose, simply sharing only a little about the plan of making finding or building a train and using an ancient train rail to get above. Edwin inquires if there’s room for him in their travelling party, but before Dusk can share this with Unas and Nicolas, a group of 4 ruffians enter the inn.

Immediately, Unas is set aback as he sees them – they all have various ragged garments on that very much resemble what Unas is wearing. One is grabbing his side, clearly wounded, as another fiddles about with a shaped hunk of metal. Unas heads over to them, asking where they found their clothes. Edwin asks if the injured man needs help. The leader of the group declines Edwin’s offer and eyes up Unas, noticing that he’s wearing the same style. He muses loudly which corpse he got them off of. Unas, fighting back his rage, comes back to the table, hands clenched. The group sit down and start harassing a bar wench which Dusk and Nicolas ask Unas about them. The bartender scowls at the loud obnoxious group. Dusk inquires about the metallic device and Unas explains that it’s a type of weapon from above. Based on what the party sees, Dusk suggests that it would not be good for the ruffians to keep it. It would be very bad if they ever figured out the proper way to use it.

A loud bang is heard and a glass on the counter explodes. Someone screams and Unas jumps up, charging the group. The other members of the party spring to action as well, including the bartender who grabs a large axe. Unas tackles the one with the device, it clattering to the ground. In the scuffle, Dusk sneaks over and quietly pockets the weapon. Gloriously it ends with the bartender chopping the legs off the portly leader of the thugs. His henchmen drag him out of the inn as he screams and curses. Blood is everywhere and many people leave – clearly this wasn’t one of the best nights for the bartender. He demands Unas and Nicolas help clean up the blood, as they were the two most visible participants in the battle.

After things quiet down, Unas requests Dusk and Nicolas to meet him in his room later. The party agrees that everyone will meet (including Edwin) tomorrow morning to meet Pericles and head out. With that, the bedtime routines start and the two meet with Unas in his room. Unas starts by saying that, in an attempt to take Dusk’s words of not being so trusting of everyone to heart, he wanted to tell us privately about some stuff he was starting to remember about how he got to be down here. He remembered that he was a member of a group of inquisitors sent to investigate rumors of a massive monster army that was being bred. Unfortunately, the rumors were true and his group was spotted and decimated by the army. He said that he was the only one who lived and vaguely remembers being thrown off the upper plate and that’s how he ended up down here. He doesn’t remember much else other than the purpose of the army was to destroy all inhabitants of the lower level. With not much else to be done, the members head to their respective rooms to try to sleep the disturbing news away.

Early the next morning Nicolas is contacted by Dooder McGee (henceforth known as Shard, but we all know his real name is Dooder McGee). Shard was apparently pooped out by the large dog and was able to see around a little bit before the dog ate him for a 2nd time. He let Nicolas know that Sargon was working on gathering a band of loyal troops again – that he was doing SOMETHING to them. Nicolas meets the others below with this news as Pericles arrives. The group is hesitant to go after Sargon a 2nd time, especially to rescue Shard, and start to go with Pericles. Nicolas finally convinces the group to go after Shard tells him that he’s by a place that sells fresh Cat Stir-fry (so THAT’s where Whiskers went! sob), which, according to Pericles, is not common. There is such a store about a mile away. The party apologize to Pericles and ask if he can meet them instead tomorrow to start the journey instead of today. Edwin gives him some money to pay for his hired hands time.

As the party is getting ready to go and Pericles gets his cart turned around (quite a difficult task with the width of the road), the party notices another cart further down with some disturbing members. Edwin identifies them as members of the “Death squad” from the heavy black and white face painting they had resembling a skull. A little boy was playing around with their cart and accidentally pulled some of the tarps covering it off – one of the two evil men shot the boy with a hand crossbow and shouts erupted among the milling civilians. The party charged off to teach them a lesson and help the boy when they noticed also that the cargo they were carrying happened to be a man. Edwin was lobbing purple flame balls from afar while Nicolas waded in, swinging his sword. Unas jumped up onto the wagon and learned from the man that his hammer was in a box near the front of the cart. Unas tore the box asunder with his bare hands and tossed the hammer to the new found ally, who quickly broke free of his cage. During the scuffle, Dusk snuck up and deftly slipped her long sword into one of the villains calves, severing some tendons.

After taking stock, Dusk and Edwin talked briefly with the new person – Osric. He is a blacksmith and doesn’t know why they had taken him, but is grateful for his freedom.

NUDES 03 - Indigestion of the Worst Sort

(Session started with discussion on movies)
The curtain rises on our stalwart heroes as they stride boldly toward the warehouse, not knowing what perils await them inside. When they arrive they set their plan into motion. Nicolas throws Dooder McGee up to the roof – it was a perfect pitch and the crystal plasma spider went about the business of finding a way in. The others went around the back and immediately encountered a problem – a fence blocked their way with some ruffians standing guard on the other side. Slayke, possibly growing a bit tired of antics, walked up and, after a very short greeting, sprayed the boys with colored jets out his fingertips. One of the three fainted immediately while the other two were stunned. The party climbed over the fence as they could and engaged the brutes. Dusk, with help from Slayke, hopped over and nicked the unconscious ruffian, scratching the skin but doing enough damage to start a small, but steadily growing, pool of blood around the doomed victims face, which was pillowed on the ground. The other two were quickly dispatched when a 4th came around the corner on the other side. He started charging the group and swinging furiously while another was heard shouting around the corner. Just then a strange glowing ghost materialized in the back by the fighting. This was unexpected but not enough to discourage some of the more bloodthirsty heroes. Slayke headed over to the door to peer inside, Dusk following behind while doing an absolutely impeccable physical comedy gag to bolster her allies spirits. It was as if her legs had turned to rubber while she managed a silly walk AND mimed her way across the battlefield. The other two brutes are finished off and someone is heard calling out “fear not the lights!” Slayke and Dusk sneak in and wake up sentry positions while the other two meet this new hooded and cloaked “Edwin”. During this time, Dooder lets Nicolaus know that he was swallowed by a large dog.

The others try to sneak into the warehouse, which is filled with grunts busy banging boxes around, but Nicolas is heard and the whole warehouse busts into commotion. Edwin goes into the front facing market-stall and tries to convince the two guards that he’s not one of their enemies and the others are quickly outnumbered by grunts. Nicolas drops, Edwin drops, Unas takes a beating, Slayke charges out the back door, and Dusk/Unas quickly surrender. Unas is knocked unconscious and Dusk is blindfolded. All of them are brought upstairs and chained to, what sounds like, cage-type enclosures. Something is places on Dusk’s head and she slips into a semiconscious state where she feels as if her life force is being devoured by some hideous beast.

Later that day the party hears more commotion downstairs as well as growling and glass being broken. The commotion gets louder as footsteps are heard on the stairs. The party is freed by unknown hands and their blindfolds removed. Greeting their eyes is Slayke, Ironscales, and other members of the group from district 9. Slayke purchased their assistance in exchange for the goods in the warehouse and his allegiance. The district 9 crew clear out and the party investigates a bit. Both daughters are found alive and upstairs they find a frightening picture; a chair surrounded by what appears to be bone dust in a circle and massive amounts of dog hair on the bed. Disgusted, Dusk kicks the bone dust, destroying the circle, and leaves. Slayke bids adieu and goes to join the district 9 group.

The party meets up with Pericles and returns his daughters to him. He agrees to help them. Then the party retires to an inn to drink the pains of the day away and meet this new Edwin.


(Session began with vicarious amounts of Monty Python and the Holy Grail references)
We rejoin the brave party as they are bravely running away (away) for their lives, Nicolas dragging Slayke and hoisting Unas over his shoulder while Dusk scouts for a safe location to lay low for a while. Spying a one-story building that doesn’t appear to have too much damage, boarded windows, and only one doorway, the two head in. Nicolas finds a spot near the corner to deposit his two companions while Dusk looks around the room; pretty disheveled and not much of anything .. except a corpse that appears to have been wrapped like a mummy on the couch. Nicolas shoves the couch over to the door, breaking an arm off the corpse, but providing a nice barricade, while Dusk gathers her energy to be able to help the two injured party members.

After some time, Unas and Slayke come to and the party discusses their options – go back and possibly face a horrendous death, or continue on to District 3. The choice seemed obvious, but the party decided to revisit the mage possibly on the return trip. Dusk peeked out the door to see if there were any signs of kobolds about to leave. She spied a couple off on top of a building in the distance. Just then they heard some scraping at the back of the building. Nicolas didn’t seem terribly worried, but the others waited, listening closely. The noise continued up to the roof and eventually with a plop down on the other side of the door. Nicolas still was no worried, but the other three readied their weapons just in case. Then came a knock on the door followed quickly by a kobold asking “Why did you knock?” replied by a different kobold “because knocking is polite!” Dusk scooted away from the door and willed a sound of a troll groaning from the side of the building, hoping it might be enough to scare them off. The kobolds darted away for their life from the noise and the brave crew quietly left the area.

After some walking, coming up to the outskirts of civilization, Dusk, Slayke, and Nicolas noticed some figures in the distance by a fire and stopped. They quickly alerted Unas, who didn’t seem to notice them. After discussing for a time, the figures noticed the party and engaged in friendly conversation at a distance. Unas, not feeling particularly threatened, strode forward to talk with these members while the rest held back. Slayke suddenly remembered that he had seen a couple of these people in District 9 previously and is suspicious that they may be here to find Cue and the party he sent out. Slayke sneaks off to the right side and Nicolas to the left, seeking some type of strategic advantage in case it comes to blows. Dusk, still standing there, decides to follow in the direction Slayke went. Meanwhile, Unas continues to talk with the group and move closer to them. They start asking questions about Cue, if we know who he is or where they might be able to find him. Nicolas comes around a building and back out to talk with them next to Unas while Dusk slowly moves closer at the side and Slayke moves further up field and into a building. The questions about Cue continue and Nicolas, getting a little tired of saying the same thing over and over again, counter-questions them about where they’re from and why they’re so interested in Cue. They admit they’re from sector 9 and that they heard Cue may have sent a group to sector 9 and want to find out information about it. Meanwhile, Slayke encounters an draconian, one of the members of the other group, inside the building to where they exchange relaxed observations about what will happen if it comes to blows. In a show of well intentions, Unas gives the female a trail ration – a strange food that rivals even the most exquisite dinner imaginable. Eventually the brave party gets tired of talking and starts heading toward town again, at which point the other group decides to join. They introduce themselves as Tali (human female), Kragg (human male), and Ironscales (draconian male).

Now a party of 7, they find a tavern just inside the borders and stay for the night. Slayke immediately finds some saucy wench and retires. Meanwhile, Dusk is intrigued by Ironscales and invites him to a table for dinner and discussions. Nicolas and Unas, having had a dispute outside the tavern regarding the trail ration, sit at different tables. Tali and Kragg pull up seats at Nicolas’ table and drink and chat, with more questions concerning Cue. It is divulged that they’re here with a group of about 25 or 30 from district 9. After a while, Tali tires of Nicolas and heads over to where Unas sits. Nicolas and Kragg continue chatting, and Tali approaches Unas with “It seems you two don’t get along very well.” Tali and Unas talk about things, including the trail ration. Unas has no particular care about letting people know where he’s from, which Tali finds very interesting. They discuss about how he’s from the upper world, is a law enforcer, and has a badge. Nicolas, out of the corner of his eye, notices Unas flash his badge at Tali. Eventually the party retires to their rooms, the three new members staying up. Unas finds it fitting to prop his bowstaff against his door so that if anyone enters it will fall and wake him. He also applies some of his shurikens to the door as a trap. Nicolas goes to Unas’ door and confronts him about showing his badge to a complete stranger. With not much ground gained in that encounter, Nicolas seeks out Dusk to acquire help in that regard from someone who’s a bit more diplomatic in nature. Dusk agrees that she will talk with Unas on the morrow, and they bid each other good night.

Nicolas goes back to his room and all is quiet. After an hour or two, Dusk is awoken by a soft tapping at her window. She gets up and looks out to see some freaky glowing plasma spider type .. thing. It would have been quite unsettling apart from the fact that it was on the other side of the window. Dusk notices that it seems to be trying to communicate it some fashion and determines that it doesn’t APPEAR to be hostile – just extraordinarily freaky. She opens the window a bit and it slinks in and starts talking with Dusk. It shouts in it’s tiny voice “HI BOSS!”, to which Dusk has to strain a bit to hear. Dusk pieces together that Tali, Kragg, and Ironscales also got rooms at the same tavern and also brought in a couple more guys after the 4 went to bed. Not only that, but the two extra guys were awake and watching the hallway. Dusk thanks the freaky thing and it departs with a “BYE BOSS!” Dusk sneaks out her window to inform the rest of the group, Slayke first, then Unas, then Nicolas. She gets to Slaykes window and knocks to no answer. She curses, realizing he’s probably still with that saucy wench. She moves on to the next window and knocks. Unas answers the window and she informs him of what has happened, and then she moves on to Nicolas’s window as Unas sneaks out. Again, she gets Nicolas’s attention and informs him of what happened – but Nicolas says he already knows and says that he’s glad Dusk got his message. Nicolas holds out his hand and the freaky spider thing jumps onto it – then it seems like Nicolas and it ‘talk’ for a while. The three sneak around the outside of the building toward the front entrance and then across the street to find some place to hide. Dusk suggests she sneak in and find Slayke and they all beat feet once they’re clear, but Nicolas suggests he send his spider friend instead. Dusk agrees to giving Nicolas 30 minutes before she’s going to go in.

Nicolas sends his pet into the front door of the tavern and down the next hallway toward the basement/bath house where Slayke would be. The spider thing with the wibbly-wobbly plasma legs sneaks downstairs and goes up to Slayke, who is in the middle of getting a back massage by the wench. It decides the best course of action would be to tap on Slayke’s leg. This, of course, does not have the anticipated response. The wench starts screaming and Slayke shouts out, grabbing what he has and follows. The two run into the girls room and Slayke tries to get his stuff together and calm the woman down. The other three hear the screams outside and Dusk face palms. Inside there’s a knock on the door, to which Slayke suggests the wench answer. It’s Tali asking if everything is ok, and the girl says that there’s some type of monster about. Shortly after this, Ironscales and the two goons go outside the tavern and talk for a bit. One of the goons goes back inside, the other stays on the ground near the front of the tavern, and Ironscales does a quite impressive vertical jump (with the assitance of his wings) to the tavern roof. Dusk tells Nicolas that she’s gotta go back to the window where Slayke is and talk to him.

Dusk sneaks back around to the window and taps quietly to get Slayke’s attention. Just as Slayke opens the window, Ironscales drops down from the roof behind Dusk. Slayke’s instinct kicks in and he quickly charms Ironscales. The only thing Ironscales gets to say before the spell kicks in is “Did you find it?” Slayke asks Ironscales what he’s doing, and he informs the two (now 4 as the other two catch up to Dusk) that they had heard about some monster and were looking for it. Slayke asks Ironscales if he’d like to come with us and he refuses. Our parting comment is that we don’t want any violence, but just want to leave peaceably. Slayke suggests Ironscales go back in and get some rest and then the group, back down to 4, take off toward the center of the town. They find a dirty hovel of an Inn near the downtown area ran by a dwarf. After the nights events, Dusk considers getting some drinks for everyone – the dwarf demands 20 minutes alone with Dusk if he’s to share his liquor. If he had been a bit more handsome, she may have taken him up on his offer – but as it stands he was actually fairly unattractive and she declines, saying “I’m not that thirsty.” The four retire and quickly get to sleep as Nicolas asks his little idiot friend to watch the door for them. Slayke and Unas are quickly asleep, but Nicolas approaches Dusk and asks her if she could teach him the language she had been using with the kobolds. Dusk sighed and agreed, but warned that it would take quite a long time and effort on both their parts. Nicolas said that he could teach her the special language that he knew in exchange, to which Dusk just gave him a sly wink and replied in Sylvan “this language?” At that, they both slept.

The next morning they woke and decided what to do. Dusk wanted to lie low for another day to make sure the other group had moved on, but the others wanted to get moving and suggested that this other group would likely just meet us at the barrier between district 3 and 4 anyway. So it was decided to leave the inn and continue toward district 3. On the way through the bustling down town, Dusk noticed a friend of hers sitting and tending to some wounds. His name is Percius and he is a rather prestigious trader with district 3. Dusk inquires after his wounds – he informs the party that a local small gang lead by someone named Sargon attacked his shop, kidnapped his two daughters, and demanded all of his wares and goods. He found out upon returning from a recent excursion – they demanded more of him than what he already had available and kicked him out of his storefront. Slayke is reluctant to help, wanting to know what this has to do with our current objective and why we should waste our time with it. Percius offered to help the group cross secretly from district 4 to 3 in exchange for the safe return of his daughters. Slayke agreed and so the party started formulating a plan of attack. Several options were discussed, but eventually everyone agreed to going around to the back side of the building to where the back entrance was and letting Nicolas’s little friend distract everyone on the inside while they secretly go in the back. The curtain falls as the party heads toward the warehouse.

NUDS - 01 - The adventure begins
The adventure begins, and almost as quickly ends

N – Nicolas
U – Unas
D – Dusk
S – Slayke

Brief summary of the nights events (feel free to correct or add anything)

Cue awaited his rag-tag crew at The Last Drink.

Dusk arrived first, followed by Unas, Slake, and finally Nicolas. Once the group was assembled, they adjourned to the 2nd floor for a more private chat and some fine liquor. (Dusk and Cue only had one glass, but Slayke had 3 and then took the bottle with him. Nicolas and Unas refused to participate in the merriment.) Cue cautioned us that there were rumors of some members of the District 9 gang in District 4 – trying to find our meeting and potentially interfere with our plans.

Cue explains the situation to the group – about getting to the upperland – and the pieces that we would need to find and fit together to accomplish this goal. We would need to somehow build or reconstruct an ancient train, find a power source for this train (either coal or blu), and prime information from a gang in Sector 9. Dusk shared that she had heard of a tinkerer named Fritz who may be able to help in District 1 or 2. His mother was being held by a gang in District 3. The party decided that perhaps we could reach the mother in some fashion and find out where Fritz’s current location was.

As Slayke and Dusk discussed possible plans of action, Unas got up and left for downstairs. Nicolaus followed him after a bit. Slayke took this as them not intending to join us on the quest, but that was sorted out after the upstairs meeting ended. Dusk left to spend the night with some friends of hers nearby while Slayke joined the others downstairs and discussed with Unas how he ended up down here. When it became apparent that they were being eavesdropped on, they quickly ended their conversation and retired for the night. Nicolaus went to stay with his family down the road a ways, Slayke barricaded himself in his room, and Unas slept on the rooftop.

Unas had a visitor on the middle of the night – a minotaur who was having difficulty getting to the roof, but was clearly looking for Unas. Perhaps Unas didn’t even know what a Minotaur was – either way, he thought it best to attack and ask questions later – hurling shurikens at the minotaur. One of them sunk rather well into the chest of the minotaur, driving him into a rage. The angry bull charged, gored, and flung Unas 20 feet. Needless to say – Unas’s entire effort was being used just to keep from passing out. Fortune was smiling on him, however, as the minotaur was friendly and just wanted to talk about the upper land. The minotaur took him to a healer and got him patched up, as an old crone forced jalapeno pee water down his throat.

The next morning the party grouped together in front of The Last Drink and headed toward District 3. The first day was uneventful and they stopped for the night. The second day they noticed that some kobolds were trying flank them. Dusk noticed that they bore the distinctive mark of belonging to a very specific magician – a tail split at the end. She called out to them, bluffing, saying that they were agents of their master and that he would be greatly displeased if they interfered in their business. The kobolds eventually emerged to the road from their hiding places. The leader of the troupe excitedly rushed toward Unas (running point), at which point Slayke fired off a crossbow bolt at the nasty thing, burying it into its arm. This drove the kobolds into a panic and they were quickly wiped up. Unfortunately one escaped – possibly to just run away – or possibly to report back to their master?

NUDS decide to pay the magician a visit at the jail. When they arrive, they find kobolds patrolling the parapets. Dusk and Unas decide to sneak up to the wall – Dusk wanting to detect if there were any enchantments placed onto the door and Unas wanting to find some way to climb up to the parapets. Dusk, while in concentration, doesn’t notice Unas wander off around the corner, instead motioning for Nicolaus and Slayke to join them up by the wall quietly. Slayke tripped rather loudly and then bolted for the wall as kobolds tossed javelins at him, scoring a couple of hits. Meanwhile, around the corner, Unas had been climbing up a broken section of the wall and tied a rope around a secure spot just as kobolds were racing toward him. He shouted out to the rest to come climb the rope and turned to face the approaching kobolds – only to be dropped by their spears. Meanwhile the other party members come around to the rope – Nicolaus tosses Dusk high enough into the air that she could touch Unas and heal him with cure light wounds (lol) and then he climbs up the rope, dropping a couple of kobolds at the top. Slayke comes up after and is face to face with 6 kobolds. Dusk comes up last. Slake casts dazzling lights at point blank range on the group of kobolds. The kobold closest digs his spear into Slayke who manages to concentrate through the pain enough to finish his spell. Slayke then passes out, bleeding profusely. Only one kobold resisted the lights, though, while the rest fell to the ground. Nicolaus finished the remainder of the kobolds while Dusk tried to mend the wounds of their fallen allies. Once Nicolaus was finished, he hoisted the injured members down the rope and the party strategically retreated to fight again another day.


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