The Lands of Legacy

NUDES 03 - Indigestion of the Worst Sort

(Session started with discussion on movies)
The curtain rises on our stalwart heroes as they stride boldly toward the warehouse, not knowing what perils await them inside. When they arrive they set their plan into motion. Nicolas throws Dooder McGee up to the roof – it was a perfect pitch and the crystal plasma spider went about the business of finding a way in. The others went around the back and immediately encountered a problem – a fence blocked their way with some ruffians standing guard on the other side. Slayke, possibly growing a bit tired of antics, walked up and, after a very short greeting, sprayed the boys with colored jets out his fingertips. One of the three fainted immediately while the other two were stunned. The party climbed over the fence as they could and engaged the brutes. Dusk, with help from Slayke, hopped over and nicked the unconscious ruffian, scratching the skin but doing enough damage to start a small, but steadily growing, pool of blood around the doomed victims face, which was pillowed on the ground. The other two were quickly dispatched when a 4th came around the corner on the other side. He started charging the group and swinging furiously while another was heard shouting around the corner. Just then a strange glowing ghost materialized in the back by the fighting. This was unexpected but not enough to discourage some of the more bloodthirsty heroes. Slayke headed over to the door to peer inside, Dusk following behind while doing an absolutely impeccable physical comedy gag to bolster her allies spirits. It was as if her legs had turned to rubber while she managed a silly walk AND mimed her way across the battlefield. The other two brutes are finished off and someone is heard calling out “fear not the lights!” Slayke and Dusk sneak in and wake up sentry positions while the other two meet this new hooded and cloaked “Edwin”. During this time, Dooder lets Nicolaus know that he was swallowed by a large dog.

The others try to sneak into the warehouse, which is filled with grunts busy banging boxes around, but Nicolas is heard and the whole warehouse busts into commotion. Edwin goes into the front facing market-stall and tries to convince the two guards that he’s not one of their enemies and the others are quickly outnumbered by grunts. Nicolas drops, Edwin drops, Unas takes a beating, Slayke charges out the back door, and Dusk/Unas quickly surrender. Unas is knocked unconscious and Dusk is blindfolded. All of them are brought upstairs and chained to, what sounds like, cage-type enclosures. Something is places on Dusk’s head and she slips into a semiconscious state where she feels as if her life force is being devoured by some hideous beast.

Later that day the party hears more commotion downstairs as well as growling and glass being broken. The commotion gets louder as footsteps are heard on the stairs. The party is freed by unknown hands and their blindfolds removed. Greeting their eyes is Slayke, Ironscales, and other members of the group from district 9. Slayke purchased their assistance in exchange for the goods in the warehouse and his allegiance. The district 9 crew clear out and the party investigates a bit. Both daughters are found alive and upstairs they find a frightening picture; a chair surrounded by what appears to be bone dust in a circle and massive amounts of dog hair on the bed. Disgusted, Dusk kicks the bone dust, destroying the circle, and leaves. Slayke bids adieu and goes to join the district 9 group.

The party meets up with Pericles and returns his daughters to him. He agrees to help them. Then the party retires to an inn to drink the pains of the day away and meet this new Edwin.


ChaosShifter JoshuaBoyd

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