The Lands of Legacy

NUDS - 01 - The adventure begins

The adventure begins, and almost as quickly ends

N – Nicolas
U – Unas
D – Dusk
S – Slayke

Brief summary of the nights events (feel free to correct or add anything)

Cue awaited his rag-tag crew at The Last Drink.

Dusk arrived first, followed by Unas, Slake, and finally Nicolas. Once the group was assembled, they adjourned to the 2nd floor for a more private chat and some fine liquor. (Dusk and Cue only had one glass, but Slayke had 3 and then took the bottle with him. Nicolas and Unas refused to participate in the merriment.) Cue cautioned us that there were rumors of some members of the District 9 gang in District 4 – trying to find our meeting and potentially interfere with our plans.

Cue explains the situation to the group – about getting to the upperland – and the pieces that we would need to find and fit together to accomplish this goal. We would need to somehow build or reconstruct an ancient train, find a power source for this train (either coal or blu), and prime information from a gang in Sector 9. Dusk shared that she had heard of a tinkerer named Fritz who may be able to help in District 1 or 2. His mother was being held by a gang in District 3. The party decided that perhaps we could reach the mother in some fashion and find out where Fritz’s current location was.

As Slayke and Dusk discussed possible plans of action, Unas got up and left for downstairs. Nicolaus followed him after a bit. Slayke took this as them not intending to join us on the quest, but that was sorted out after the upstairs meeting ended. Dusk left to spend the night with some friends of hers nearby while Slayke joined the others downstairs and discussed with Unas how he ended up down here. When it became apparent that they were being eavesdropped on, they quickly ended their conversation and retired for the night. Nicolaus went to stay with his family down the road a ways, Slayke barricaded himself in his room, and Unas slept on the rooftop.

Unas had a visitor on the middle of the night – a minotaur who was having difficulty getting to the roof, but was clearly looking for Unas. Perhaps Unas didn’t even know what a Minotaur was – either way, he thought it best to attack and ask questions later – hurling shurikens at the minotaur. One of them sunk rather well into the chest of the minotaur, driving him into a rage. The angry bull charged, gored, and flung Unas 20 feet. Needless to say – Unas’s entire effort was being used just to keep from passing out. Fortune was smiling on him, however, as the minotaur was friendly and just wanted to talk about the upper land. The minotaur took him to a healer and got him patched up, as an old crone forced jalapeno pee water down his throat.

The next morning the party grouped together in front of The Last Drink and headed toward District 3. The first day was uneventful and they stopped for the night. The second day they noticed that some kobolds were trying flank them. Dusk noticed that they bore the distinctive mark of belonging to a very specific magician – a tail split at the end. She called out to them, bluffing, saying that they were agents of their master and that he would be greatly displeased if they interfered in their business. The kobolds eventually emerged to the road from their hiding places. The leader of the troupe excitedly rushed toward Unas (running point), at which point Slayke fired off a crossbow bolt at the nasty thing, burying it into its arm. This drove the kobolds into a panic and they were quickly wiped up. Unfortunately one escaped – possibly to just run away – or possibly to report back to their master?

NUDS decide to pay the magician a visit at the jail. When they arrive, they find kobolds patrolling the parapets. Dusk and Unas decide to sneak up to the wall – Dusk wanting to detect if there were any enchantments placed onto the door and Unas wanting to find some way to climb up to the parapets. Dusk, while in concentration, doesn’t notice Unas wander off around the corner, instead motioning for Nicolaus and Slayke to join them up by the wall quietly. Slayke tripped rather loudly and then bolted for the wall as kobolds tossed javelins at him, scoring a couple of hits. Meanwhile, around the corner, Unas had been climbing up a broken section of the wall and tied a rope around a secure spot just as kobolds were racing toward him. He shouted out to the rest to come climb the rope and turned to face the approaching kobolds – only to be dropped by their spears. Meanwhile the other party members come around to the rope – Nicolaus tosses Dusk high enough into the air that she could touch Unas and heal him with cure light wounds (lol) and then he climbs up the rope, dropping a couple of kobolds at the top. Slayke comes up after and is face to face with 6 kobolds. Dusk comes up last. Slake casts dazzling lights at point blank range on the group of kobolds. The kobold closest digs his spear into Slayke who manages to concentrate through the pain enough to finish his spell. Slayke then passes out, bleeding profusely. Only one kobold resisted the lights, though, while the rest fell to the ground. Nicolaus finished the remainder of the kobolds while Dusk tried to mend the wounds of their fallen allies. Once Nicolaus was finished, he hoisted the injured members down the rope and the party strategically retreated to fight again another day.


Addendum, make that JOSH for the extra 150 EXP

NUDS - 01 - The adventure begins
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