Leader of the largest gang in District 4.


       Cue is a strong and capable man, large and intimidating to most. Most who look upon him see a warrior and little else. Thick arms set over massive shoulders show his strength, if a rounded belly gives away his thirst for drink. Scarred up and with many tattoos, most would do well to avoid the gruff looking man on first glance. However he carries himself in a much more approachable manner, with a great big smile and a heavy laugh.

       He was born and raised in district 4, an orphan like so many other young boys. While many didn’t make it under those circumstances, Cue thrived. He surrounded himself with the other street children, took odd jobs clearing small monsters from local businesses for tablescraps, and built a reputation for himself as a go-getter and future leader.

       Full of hardships, Cue’s meager gang grew and were set back time and again. Exploited by those who would use the children for their own diabolical means, Cue nearly died or gave up his constant fight many times. Not one to focus on his defeats though, Cue continued to grow his little gang well into his teens and twenties. It is known that he also had a family of his own during that time, a woman and a daughter that he called his own. A monster attack took that from him though, as the settlement he had established was destroyed.

       A dark time fell over Cue’s life as he ventured into district 5, chasing the monster responsible into lands unfit for man. It was a year later when he resurfaced in district 4, unable to ever catch the monster. He made the decision to change things then, assembling a massive group who would dedicate themselves to protecting the innocent in district 4 and everywhere else. To stop injustice and exploitation wherever he might find it and to hunt down and destroy any monster that posed a threat to goodly folk. As the years passed and a semblance of peace fell over district 4, Cue realized it wasn’t enough.

       Children still starved in the street, nefarious gangs still controlled the supply of food and basic goods, monsters still snuck into the district and stole away babies. There was no end to it all, no way to win. No way unless they could escape the prison of the lower districts, unite all of Elusia and possibly break through the barrier and escape Elusia all together.

       He began putting together the plans in secret, only trusting those closest to him with the information of his fledgeling plans. As the years ticked by though, he grew closer and closer to his goals, putting together all of the pieces.

       He met the group individually, assembling them together with the hope of finally achieving his goal of getting to the surface of Elusia and upsetting the balance of power to form a true equality in the city. With the wheels in motion the stakes have gotten higher, while he has set his allies in motion he has continued on alone to try and keep the eyes of those whom might not agree with his plan distracted.


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