Grain Harvesters

The gang that controls the gates going to and from district 4. This gang is the most commonly interacted with among most people, as they do business with district 4’s populace in the form of trade for food. Generally easy to get a long with, as long as you have coin. Headed up by a woman known as Anna Moliere. Large and strong, they don’t fear the other gangs but have a vested interest in them cooperating together.

Monsters of Robon

While not necessarily recognized as a gang by the others of district 3, the Monsters of Robon seem to have another agenda. None of the other gang leaders have ever met Robon, but only know of him from the mouths of the Lycanthropes that head his attack squads. The Were-creatures are often accompanied with groups of other monsters as well. With no official territory, the Monsters of Robon instead prefer to disrupt the activities of the other gangs with no seeming goal in mind.

Reactor Brutes

Led by a fierce Elf named Illian Tleverria. Whatever vestiges of elven grace she one carried. Gathering around her a fairly small but intensely disciplined group of killers called her Death Squad, they control the area directly near the Reactor in district 3. With the party’s current attack on their base of operations the Reactor Brutes are currently moving through district 3 and regathering their resources around them.

The Twin Heads

A collection of powerful thugs in District 3 who control it’s center and the single entrance into District 2. Supposed allies of the Reactor Brutes. It can be said that the Twin Heads, run by a pair of gnome brothers, are unpredictable sometimes confusing with their decision making. Often one will give orders contrary to the other and no right course of action can be taken without garnering the wrath of one of the brothers. One would think this would cause a split between the two leaders, however the blame is always placed elsewhere and their bond continues year after year.


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