Concerning Religion

Religion on Urth today is very different than it used to be. In the past, god’s had their hands in the affairs of the mortal world in both direct and indirect means. The creations of the gods visited Urth in the form of angels or miracles. Those who worshipped the gods were given gifts of splendor for their service to the Deity.

Today the old gods are dead. The Elharcadian influence around the globe is immense and outlawed is the worship of pagan deities and their dark magics. However worship still exists in isolated and remote places, or hidden deep behind closed doors. Some pray to gods they don’t know the names of. Others pray to powerful beings on Urth who proclaim themselves gods with shows of awesome power. Others still worship ideals and draw upon the strength of those ideals to get through their lives.

Old Gods

The Gods of old were many and more. One can’t help but look upon the temples and ruins of old civilizations and see the influence of the divine all around. Few if any remember the gods themselves, as most histories of such times are unreadable or destroyed. The one exception could be among the Elharcadian libraries, however no outsiders are allowed access to these.

The old Gods remnants can still be seen and shadows of their awesome power can occasionally be obtained in monster infested ruins around the world. These artifacts were once prized among all maner of races, but with the current Elharcadian rule these magical trinkets are outlawed, sought after and destroyed by the Imperial Nation authority.

New Gods

Although isolated in region and often proven false, new gods are being worshiped. These new gods take many forms, from powerful spellcasters who use their frightening power to be god-kings over mortals, to beings that trancend their mortality by supposedly binding with powerful aspects of the old gods found in powerful artifacts. The new gods are viewed with skepticism and as word spreads it is generally followed by those who would disprove these gods or Elharcadian forces looking to stomp out such belief.

While many of these new gods are indeed proven to be nothing but power hungry individuals or diabolical monsters, a few of these rumors hold more weight. On the fringes of society and among small groups within larger society these new Gods are developing a fledgeling clergy and dogma of their own. Over the last 900 years some of these new religions have gained a foothold. Although persecution in the form of death exists for worshipers of these “false gods” exists by the Imperial Nation, it is very clear that such control is slipping away from the Elharcadians and that such worship is on the cusp of overwhelming their ability to contain it. As more of these new gods and new religions rise the Imperial Nation’s policy on worship and accepting gifts of power from such sources is proving to be less popular among those groups that are under their protection.

Concerning Religion

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