Robon and the Lycanthropes.

Robon is known only within the lower districts of Elusia as a renegade gang leader in District 3 who controls a group of humanoids and monsters which serve his wishes. Robon himself is an entity of much more grand designs. While he doesn’t claim to be a god or anything special, nor do his followers give him such titles, it is evident that he holds some strange high power above the likes of normal mortals.


When encountered he appeared as a dark haired man who was fairly average looking. Dark black eyes stare outward. His shadow falls behind him in the moonlight, growing massive and bending up toward the sky into the shape of a 15 foot tall wolf made of pure shadow, looming over him.

Other Aspects

Unknown at this time.


On Urth his minions battle a multitude of gangs for control over portions of district 3. Little else is known of his relationships with others, divine or mortal.


As few have ever stepped foot into Robon’s realm, little is known about it’s location. Although it is clearly not of Urthly design. His realm appears as a plane of endless grasses beneath a large full moon to those few who have been there.


Nothing is known about his followers except that they must be accepted by Robon. To do this Robon initiates them by placing them on a trial hunt, where the individual must complete a task of killing an individual before he accepts them into his fold.




Little is known of those who worship Robon. It is thought that those who would look to Robon are those who have some nagging thought of bloodlust, vengence or anger that drives them to compulsion. These compulsions, if left unchecked, lead those individuals inevitably to Robon, to be accepted or rejected.


Those who complete Robon’s trial of the hunt are believed to be blessed by him and given the gift of Lucanthropy. These Lycanthropes serve as his clergy of a sort, doing his bidding and serving his purposes.





Holy Days




Myths and Legends


Robon and the Lycanthropes.

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